We Need Your Help
Our mission has been and continues to be focused on helping others rise above barriers. But we can't do it, without the support of true believers that support our efforts. We cannot do it alone, and we need you more than ever. Thankfully, we have a way that allows you to support our mission while also giving you access to things not available to anyone else. 
How Did We Get Here?
How did we get here? That’s not supposed to be a big philosophical question… I mean, how did TNR get to where we are today? Yesterday, our team spent the day at the Berrics in Los Angeles and we had...
Recently, you might have noticed we changed our name to TNR Skateboards and we're getting rid of all of our old designs that say Thrash 'N Raid.  WHAT'S GOING ON?! Unfortunately, we had an issue with another company that was...