We Need Your Help

Has it come to the point where we have to start selling our nudes?

Although I’m sure there are many out there that would love a Deb’s Only Fans or a Team Rider calendar with Harrison Bowman in the Fireman uniform, we haven’t hit that point yet. But we need your help to keep that from happening (especially the Deb thing...). 

Our mission has been and continues to be focused on helping others rise above barriers. In the past two years, we’ve been able to use our proceeds from retail sales to provide hundreds of skateboards to underprivileged youth, sponsor community skateboarding and veteran charity events, and support other programs and organizations that help prevent veteran and service member suicide.

What are our goals for 2023?

We aim to give over 50 skateboards a month to kids in need (that’s 600 skateboards by the end of 2023), host or sponsor at least one skateboarding event for the community each month, volunteer our staff and provide products to one Six Feet Above veterans retreat every quarter, and sponsor at least ten kids to attend Woodward for Summer 2023.

Unfortunately, because of the rise in inflation and the steady decline in retail sales, we haven’t been able to provide the same level of support over the past six months, like we were able to produce in the past. For those that have been following our brand for a while, know that we do a lot of things differently than many other skate brands. For example, our sketch comedy content is unlike any other skateboarding company out there today. These skits have received a ton of positive feedback from our supporters and have helped us reach a wider audience beyond the skateboarding community.

We decided to start monetizing this content by offering an exclusive subscriber option that will enable us to sponsor the events, give decks to the kids in need, and support veterans and service members and their families. Besides knowing your $3 dollars a month is going towards something impactful, we’re also offering exclusive products, discounts, and access to events and content not available to anyone else.

Will you help us surpass our 2023 goals?

Become an exclusive content subscriber today for only $3 a month ($36 a year, less than the price of a single skateboard) and help us complete our mission. Thank you so much for your love and support.